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Our members love fishing and enjoying the beautiful lakes and rivers of South Dakota. We are making sure these pristine waters are available years to come for our children and our grandchildren. Come join us today!

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SDWU is a statewide, membership-driven organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and improving fisheries in the state of South Dakota. We are committed to promoting the sport of fishing and outdoor activities through education, conservation, cooperation, activism, and fiscal responsibility to ensure opportunity, access, and habitat for anglers of all ability levels.

From family days to kids’ fishing days, tournaments, banquets and habitat improvement, members of SDWU enjoy great events with exciting people.

SDWU offers many exciting opportunities for kids to get involved in fishing, but also our goal is to ensure safe and quality angler environments for our posterity. We seek to leave behind better than how we found it. Join us to help ensure state wide fishing for everyone in the years to come.

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In order to address the many diverse issues we face throughout South Dakota, we as an organization, are seeking to start chapters in your area.

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