The RCAC was honored to be invited to the 2nd annual “Party at the Lake” at Ellsworth Air Force Base (EAFB) on June 26, 2010. This year the staff responsible for the gathering added a fishing derby to their already busy day of canoeing, geo-caching, mountain bike racing and bar-b-que. There is currently a high deployment rate at EAFB in support of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Consequently, there are a lot of single parents at the base right now. The party at the lake was started as a way to get people outdoors and involved, and to help spouses introduce kids to outdoor activities they might not otherwise be able to participate in, especially with one parent serving over-seas.

Many fish were caught and club members assisted in baiting hooks, setting up rods & reels, and cleaning of fish. The chapter also donated 6 combos to the event to be used as prizes. It was a great privilege for the RCAC to participate in this event as it allowed the chapter to show their support for our sister community at EAFB and the men and women serving voluntarily in our military. We extend a heartfelt “Thank-you” to everyone involved for a wonderful day and for allowing us to be a part.