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2009 Kids Fishing Day for the Rapid City Area Chapter
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Excellent shore access at Roosevelt Park Pond. Great day with the family at Kids Fishing Day. I brought my own net, thank you.

I caught a trout.  I caught a trout and a turtle. I caught it, you clean it. I think it's a Pumpkinseed.

I'll hold it with the lip gripper, thank you. I'm not holding it. YOU hold it. Is this how I hold it?

Isabel and her Pumpkinseed. Ked Edel passing on some knowledge. Lane and his dad with Lane's fish.

Maci and her largest fish in the 7 and under category. My happy place is going fishing. Nice Trout.

Notice who has the offical fishing chair. Now this is a fishing chair. Now what do I do with it.

A proud moment. Ray Barck and Louie Schwengler hand out rods to the children. Sheer determination.

Shelby with one of the several trout she caught. Should I mount it, or eat it. Some of the Prize winners at 2009 Kids Fishing.

Thanks Grandpa! Thanks Mom! Thanks!

The fish is almost bigger than she is. The fish looks bigger if you hold it away from you. We're kids. Can we Fish.

Zane gets a little help from Rick with his latest catch.

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